Q1. After exporting a track, I can only see the track line but no track point. Why?
A1. In the display window of Google Earth, you should drag away the time bar. Please move away the time line as shown in the following figure. All track points then become visible.

Q2. Why the tracks are not 3D?
A2. According to the default setting of “Settings” – “Advanced” in your “Time Album”, 2D tracks are exported. To export 3D tracks, simply click “3D”.

Q3. Why can’t I show the track points logged in the Fly Mode?
A3. You must click the “Fly Mode” before exporting a track logged on a plane (you should restart the “Time Album”).

Q4. When I click a voice point, nothing happens. Why?
A4. You should install the latest version of “Google Earth”, which may be downloaded from: http://earth.google.com/intl/en/
                Click "Tools"--"Options"--"General" . Configuring the items as shown.

Q5. What types of memory cards does V-900 support?
A5. V-900 supports MicroSD (TF) cards with the capacity of 64M to 2G.

Q6. Why does V-900 chirps after I plug a card?
A6. The chirps indicate that the card has been incorrectly formatted in a FAT32 file system. You should format it in FAT (FAT16).