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How to configure

P-1 Mark II has been equipped with the factory default configuration, you can just turn it on to record.
Click to view the details of the factory default configuration>

If you need to change the configuration, please follow the steps below:

The factory default configuration of P-1 Mark II:

TimeZone=+00:00 Time zone: +00:00
SpeedAlert=OFF Speed alarm: OFF
AutoPowerOn=OFF Auto power on: OFF
Beeper=ON Beeper: OFF
FunctionButton=Pause Function Button: Pause
Constellation=ALL Satellite system: GPS + BeiDou + GLONASS
Format=CSV Track format: CSV
LogMode=1Hz Log mode: 1 trackpoint per second
SpeedMask=1 Only record the track points whose speed exceeding: 1 km/h (1 mi/h)
SpyModeTimer=5 Spy mode wake up interval: 5 minutes
OneTrackPerDay=OFF One track per day: OFF
Speed=km/h Unit: this configuration is only valid for SpeedAlert and SpeedMask.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Download the default configuration file.

On the icon below, right-click and select "Save as" to save the file "CONFIG.TXT".

Turn off P-1 Mark II. Connect P-1 Mark II to the computer with the cable, copy the configuration file under the root directory of the MicroSD card, and eject the device.

In the power-off state, press the "Power Button" and the "POI Button “simultaneously until you hear 3 short beeps, then the 3 lamps will flash three times at the same time, and finally you hear one long beep, indicating the configuration is successfully completed.

Change the parameters as needed. Please refer to the Quick Start for details.

How to place it properly

The track accuracy of the P-1 MarkII is significantly affected by the placement. According to the scene, we recommend the following placement:

Driving. Place it under the windshield of the vehicle and face up.
Recommendation: ★★★

Walking. Hand held, face up.
Recommendation: ★★★

Carrying. Place it in the bag, face outwards.
Recommendation: ★


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