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Before purchase, please download the latest version of "Time Album Pro” to check if it can meet your need. Only 3 steps to try the free and brand-new tool. Experience the Geotagging, converting, checking and editing of the tracks.

Step.1 Step.2


Download and install the JAVA Virtual Machine.

  Download and run the "TimeAlbum Pro" .

Step.3   Download and open the original GPS track files of three scenarios recorded by V-1000.


Walking and driving mixed track, photo attached.


Long distance driving track.


Running track.

Track file format: CSV
Track points: 662pcs
Distance: 12.7km
Photo: 2pcs
Time zone of track: Asia/ Tokyo
Time zone of camera: Asia/ Tokyo


Track file format: GPS
Track points: 2336 pcs
Distance:49.2 km
Time: 39m48s
POI points:5pcs
Time zone of track: Asia/Shanghai


Track file format: CSV
Track points: 451pcs
Distance: 2.75km
Time: 21m32s
Time zone of track: Asia/Shanghai




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