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POI navigation Full-time All-weather Never get lost!

The sense of security will be lost when one is within an unfamiliar environment. We will be badly in need of our location and the route back to our destination, when we are in a "no man's land" in the wild and there are no Mobile phone signal or electronic maps.
V-1000 is able to provide full-time and all-weather POI (Point Of Interest) navigation, in which you can obtain the coordinates of your POI and acquire the return route without any difficulty.
It is accurate and easy for you to comprehend.

How to use "POI Navigation"?

Step1: Save the current location "" as a POI.


Step2: Go!


Step3:  The screen displays how to return back.

Six logging modes, different scenarios, more professional

For different scenarios, it requires specific track logging modes to meet different work demands. V-1000 is equipped with six types of track logging modes: "Walking", "Running", "Cycling", "By car", "By plane" and "User defined".
During the process of track recording, it is available to mark your POI (Point Of Interest) anytime you want. In the tracks, it applies unique green flags to indicate the POI. It is applicable to purposes such as data collection in the wild, surveying, mapping and sampling.

Download original tracking files recorded by V-1000>
Download "TimeAlbum Pro", try to view and modify the tracks on the map>

USB direct reading design

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS & Linux.

Easy management

The tracking files are named with date and time, which is clear and distinct, it’s easy to carry out statistics and management.

Interchange of
multiple formats

Formats of original tracking files: CSV, GPX and GPS, which support (CSV) check and compile the original tracks.

Unique design for runners with "one-button" initiating running tracks

Under any working status, V-1000 only requires a long-press on the button to initiate the logging of running tracks. Real-time checking during running: current pace, accumulative time, distance and consumption of calories. You can plan and manage your route of running on the map to make the running more efficient and funny.

Photo + GPS, more fun!

To carry with V-1000 during outdoor shooting, you can integrate the photos and the tracks (Geotagging) and replay the wonderful and colorful photos of journey on the map. It is suitable for all brands and models of digital cameras available in the market. In the meantime, it can add GPS coordinates into the EXIF information of the photos.

Most advanced components, more accuracy

V-1000 is equipped with BOSCH barometric sensor with the highest performance in the industry, to compensate for the disadvantages of inaccurate measurement of altitude with GPS in civil use level. Whether under sensor working mode or GPS working mode, V-1000 is able to measure and record the altitude accurately (requires to carry out height calibration in advance).

Edge tool for application in multiple industries

V-1000 is an edged tool for acquisition of GPS data, which can be widely applied in agriculture, forestry and transportation industry, etc.: GPS time-service, surveying , mapping and measuring, location of acquisition-point, monitoring of transportation status, traffic survey, study of driving habits, ecological system of species, sociology and consuming behaviors.
It can provide over 30 types of track formats such as CSV, KMZ, GPX and NMEA, etc., which is convenient for second application of the data. Since 2008, Columbus products have been adopted by many famous universities and R&D institutions, to carry out relevant data acquisition in coordination with research tasks. Part of the cooperative institutions: Beijing Jiaotong University, East China Normal University, Columbia University, University of San Diego, University of Tennessee and Australia Marine Mammal Institute, etc.
Do you want to know how to use the tracking data? Please download and experience the original tracking files recorded by V-1000>

All-weather astronomical and weather information for travel plan

It can forecast accurate time of sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset, and can provide 24-hour trend of barometric pressure and temperature to help you plan your travel. In case the curve of barometric pressure keeps up trending within 8 hours, it indicates that the barometric pressure is gradually rising and the weather is getting better, vice versa. The trend of barometric pressure can also predict the fishing status: barometric pressure change has a great influence on fishing status, and a rapid rise in barometric pressure means a good fishing status and a goo harvest.。

Brand new upgraded "Time Album Pro"

Cross-platform management software
More informations>


Industry-leading comprehensive positioning performance

Since 2005, Columbus has been focusing on improving the comprehensive positioning performance of GPS. MTK3339 GPS chipset with high-performance integrated with EPS (Enhanced Position System), has enabled V-1000 to reach the most ideal task performance after dozens of testing and adjustment of both software and hardware.

Hot Start

1 s

Warm Start


Cold Start


Three modes of power supply

Internal lithium polymer battery with high-performance.
time of endurance:
Sensor mode: approximately a week
GPS mode: approximately 16 hours
* when turning on the "Screen off"

Vehicle-mounted connection with original USB automatic switching wire
It can realize switching on/off along with the power supply conditions of the vehicle with no need of manual power management.

Connection with portable charger
Taking a portable charger with 10000mAh for an example, the working mode of GPS can last for approximately 10 days.


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